Export Ready Pallets

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Are you an exporter and need quality export pallets that fulfil your shipping obligations?

If you are an Australian exporter and need to ship products out on pallets, wooden containers or associated timber products, they will need to comply with IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) regulations or as it is commonly termed – ISPM 15, through a process of heat treatment or fumigation.

Certain commodities such as wood need to be sanitised, and preferably through heat treatment, in other words "heat-treated"  as it is more environmentally responsible than fumigation and will generally last longer. ISPM 15 certified pallets will ensure that an Internationally recognised certication is carried with your goods.

Rodpak can ensure that your products leave Australia complying with international standards. 

If you want certainty with your goods and their successful arrival overseas – talk to us today for export pallets Melbourne.

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