Wooden Pallets - New, Recycled, Secondhand

Rodpak design, develop and manufacture a wide range of wooden pallets for a variety of industry applications.

Industry demands for pallets are often diversified and driven by factors unique to business specific product and logistical requirements. Rodpak's flexibility and capacity to assist in addressing wooden pallet requirements will ensure that your specific needs regarding design application, volumes and materials will be delivered - whether It's the western suburbs of Melbourne, metropolitan or regional destinations. Our wooden pallets, Melbourne based operation is well equipped to meet your needs.

Rodpak has the infrastructure capability to produce an extensive range of timber packaging products using both softwood and hardwood material and treatment options. This production capability includes the manufacture and provision of wooden pallets for sale, include:

  • Standard Australian pallets – 1165x1165
  • Export pallets – 1100x1100
  • Trans–Tasman pallets – 1200x1000
  • Euro pallets – 1200x800
  • Two way entry or four way entry pallets

 Our goal is to supply a “best-value” solution for your business that is often not just about the specific product price. Translating your specific business needs and product demands into the optimum design configuration and materials composition can be extremely helpful.  Many businesses are often not aware of the value of small changes to manufacture that can realise long term savings in the form of durability and capability.

Rodpak is confident that our industry experience and manufacturing capability will allow us to provide the most suitable and effective timber packaging product to meet your product and industry requirements.