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Packaging Not Your Core Business?

Packaging Services Solutions Melbourne

Part of our service offering is to provide the know-how, labour, equipment and materials for organisations to outsource their packaging operations. Many businesses are clear that it is simply not their core business. Packaging services is ours.

Rodpak has extensive experience in providing total, customised Packaging Management Systems.

Outsourcing packaging assets can have significant commercial benefits for clients, as a result of savings in direct and indirect human resource costs, improved end product presentation and reduced down time stoppages due to poor pallet quality.

Pallet pools require thoughtful management to gain the maximum competitive advantage, and particularly where packaging assets are in a closed loop system with pallets being returned from customers. This situation often has substantial potential for improvement through the introduction of a third party that specialises in packaging asset utilisation.

Rodpak's core businesses are packaging materials management, returnable packaging, recycling and manufacture, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business. Our services are designed to be;

  • Cost effective
  • Seamlessly integrated with your logistics and business operation
  • Environmentally responsible

Rodpak can provide you with a comprehensive improvement plan, proposal and a seamless transition to better packaging asset management.

Talk to us today about what's possible and see us for any packaging solutions Melbourne or Nationally.

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