How to Make the Most of Your Pallets

The optimum design, use and maintenance of wooden pallets is often missed in the need to move or store stock.  We are constantly seeing businesses with pallets that are simply not appropriate for the job that they are doing.  Risks and costs generally increase, not to mention downtime in your operation.

Staff are highly experienced in pallet utilisation.  In almost twenty years in the design, manufacture and maintenance of pallets, we will generally be able to identify issues and opportunities in their use.

We also often see that pallets are either constructed or repaired with poor materials that lead to early failure or increased risk to the handlers of the pallet.  A great deal of this can be avoided by quality materials, experienced construction and professional use of the pallet itself.  We can offer suggestions and recommendations for optimum care and their use and storage.  Small changes can add up substantially and also increase the lifetime expectancy of a pallet well used and cared for.