As a leading pallet and timber packaging supplier with a local and global customer base, providing our products and services is increasingly about doing more with less.

Optimising pallet and timber packaging design, producing products from a sustainable resource, adopting a commitment to material minimisation, introducing risk management initiatives and offering our knowledge and experience to reduce customer cost are at the heart of who we are and what we do. 

Why choose timber?

  • Timber pallets and packaging are reusable, repairable and recyclable being made from a renewable resource.
  • Timber pallets comprise 93% of the entire world's pallet market because they are rigid, durable, functional, safe and cost effective.
  • Timber pallets and packaging use derivative timber that is strong and durable but has low cosmetic value. This material would most likely be discarded if it were not used in a timber packaging environment.
  • The waste produced in the manufacture of pallets and the material from pallets no longer able to be repaired is often converted into useful and marketable products such as playground mulch and animal bedding.
  • If a timber pallet does end up in landfill it is biodegradable - less than 3% of the nearly one billion pallets manufactured and repaired ever end up in a landfill situation.

It is increasingly clear as an organisation that the issues of sustainability and minimising our carbon footprint are not just a matter for this business but for all businesses generally. 

As a business that manufactures from raw materials it is increasingly important to Rodpak that we adopt an active role to achieve optimal energy use and carbon emission and demonstrate leadership in forest product industry sustainability.

For our organisation this means that we will adopt a learning mindset in what will make a difference. Achieving a deeper understanding of our impact on greenhouse gas emissions, building our knowledge and raising the awareness of our people and changing business practice at the practical level will increase our sustainability and in turn our customer's carbon footprint.

Improvement in any corporate element demands a starting point.  Rodpak has recently appointed independent industry specialists who have conducted a review and audit of our current energy use, waste and other indirect emissions.

The report has concluded that overall the Rodpak business has a “relatively minor environmental impact”. These findings will provide us with an excellent means to initiate programs that further reduce our greenhouse impact.

As a stakeholder of Rodpak we reaffirm our commitment and investment to sustainable business practices and that our learning and development in this emerging field will demonstrate conscientious and purposeful leadership.

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